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Interview with Motley Crue Back-Up Singer Allison Kyler

| May 24, 2012

Allison & Vince Neil

Professionally singing and dancing for 10 years, Allison Kyler has gone from performing with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears,  Fergie and now MOTLEY CRUE! In this interview with Metal Sludge contributor Gerry Gittelson, Allison talks about what life on the road with Motley Crue is like…From making out with Vince Neil to marrying him in Las Vegas (Sorta), and letting us know which member of Motley Crue is the biggest gentlemen.

SLUDGE: OK, now remember this is Metal Sludge, so I do have some bizarre questions right off the bat. Are you ready?

Allison Kyler: I am.

SLUDGE: OK, when you’re hanging upside down on that rope above the stage like Cirque de Soleil, do you ever worry about falling on your head?

Allison Kyler: (Laughs) Well, I do see how hard the roadies party the night before, and I’m in their hands 100 percent.

SLUDGE: Didn’t everybody tell you you were crazy to go on the road with a wild band like Motley Crue?

Allison Kyler: Oh yeah, I still get that all the time. They want to know how I survive, but they just don’t understand the day to day operations.

Allison Kyler

SLUDGE: So what are saying? Do you have a special respect for Motley Crue because you see the inner workings?

Allison Kyler: Yes, I have great respect for them, all of them, as artists and just in general, album after album. With Motley Crue, you would not believe the effort they put into their shows, night after night, week after week, month after month, and now years. They’ve been doing these shows since before I was born! And they still give 100 percent on stage.

SLUDGE: Please be as honest on this next one, OK?

Allison Kyler: OK.

SLUDGE: Which one in Motley Crue would you describe as the most perfect gentleman?

Allison Kyler: Definitely Tommy Lee.

SLUDGE: Really? Does he treat you the best?

Allison Kyler: They’re all beyond polite and gracious.

SLUDGE: What are you talking about? Didn’t Vince just get another DUI?

Allison Kyler: (laughs) Well, Vince can be a little flirty.

Allison and Vince Neil Live

SLUDGE: The other dancer, Annalisia Simone, do you hate each other?

Allison Kyler: No, no, no. We started the same exact date more than a year ago, and we’ve done the whole run together. Thank god, we’re great friends because we only have each other out there. We’re the only girls on the road.

SLUDGE: I was thinking you would get in fights over makeup, that sort of thing.

Allison Kyler: We do fight about clothes, dumbstuff like that. You know, this wardrobe is mine, not yours, dumb stuff like that, because we have to match, and sometimes one of us wants to wear red and the other one wants to wear purple. Stupid stuff like that.

SLUDGE: Do you ever fuck up on stage?

Allison Kyler: What do you mean?

SLUDGE: You know, like you bump into each other, or you accidentally trip Vince Neil, stuff like that?

Allison Kyler: Oh. Not really, but last tour, we did this shadow box thing, where you do a shadow dance behind this screen, this silhouette, and some nights we get bored, so we tried some really random things just to see if the production guys were paying attention, like spanking each other’s ass, or this one time we pulled a roadie behind the screen, and we were dancing with him, too.

SLUDGE: You’ve been touring for a while. Are you paid well? Would you say you’re wealthy?

Allison Kyler: They definitely take care of us financially, plus the best hotels, all that kind of stuff.

SLUDGE: Really? Sludge readers like this kind of stuff. Which hotels?

Allison Kyler: The Ritz Carlton a lot. Thompson hotels. They definitely put us up in great places.

SLUDGE: What about food and drinks? Can you order room service, all you want, and no one blinks?

Allison Kyler: Well, we have a per diem, and that much pretty much takes care of it. Plus, we’re also being followed around by catering.

SLUDGE: You must be tempted, all this great food but you can’t eat too much of course.

Allison Kyler: Oh it sucks. I’m always like, ‘Man that cake looks so damn good. I guess I’ll just THINK about eating it.” (laughs)

SLUDGE: Yeah, I guess the truth is, if you gain 10 pounds you’re out of a job.

Allison Kyler: Yeah, no one ever says that out loud, but it’s in the back of everybody’s mind. Our wardrobe is just for us, and it has to fit.

Allison Kyler

SLUDGE: No stretching fabric? No elastic?

Allison Kyler: No, it’s your outfit, and that shit better fit.

SLUDGE: “That shit better fit.” What a great headline for this story maybe.

Allison Kyler: (laughs) Yeah.

SLUDGE: Ever had a nipple pop out?

Allison Kyler: Oh yeah, that happens all the time. Thank god for double-sided tape. One night we went out there topless, just for fun, and Vince was like, “Oh my god.” That was the only time I ever Vince stumble over his words.

SLUDGE: Are you kidding? I’ve seen him stumble over his words all the time (laughs)

Allison Kyler: (laughs) Well, this was really random. It wasn’t a big city, I don’t remember which city, but it was a smaller city on last year’s summer tour.

SLUDGE: Come to think about it, you must see a lot of tits. A lot of tits from girls in the crowd. I mean, let’s be honest. If you’re touring with Motley Crue, you’ve seen every tit from here to the Mississippi, right?

Allison Kyler: Oh my god, more than that. I have seen a tit in every state! Every show, they throw their bras and panties on the stage.

SLUDGE: So which of the guys are swinging singles in Motley these days? Most of ‘em are married, right?

Allison Kyler: Yeah, all of them except Vince. He’s kind of a free agent. He usually has a No. 1 girlfriend, plus a whole bunch of other ones.

SLUDGE: Do some girls latch on for a few cities in a row?

Allison Kyler: It’s funny how it works. I remember one time we were just starting rehearsals, and I saw Vince with the same girl for a few days, and I was like, “How cute, Vince has a girlfriend.” But then by the time we got to Texas, he had a new girl. In Texas he switched. It was funny. But Vince really is a gentleman.

SLUDGE: Tell me about Nikki Sixx. He’s always been the brains of the operation in Motley Crue. Is it still that way?

Allison Kyler: Oh yes. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee, they’re so into the business of it, 110 percent. They make the calls and tell us what to do.

SLUDGE: What about Mick Mars? I know he has a bad back. Is he very sociable?

Allison Kyler: He fuckin’ rips on guitar. Yeah, he still hunches over, and when I first met him, I was like, “Wow, it’s bad.” But after that first show, I saw it doesn’t even matter. He’s so good.

SLUDGE: So when you take a little 10-minute breather during the concert set, what do you do?

Allison Kyler: Just change clothes, usually.

SLUDGE: No, you must do SOMETHING.

Allison Kyler: Sometimes during “Home Sweet Home” or one of the solos, I make a call or two or play around on Twitter or Facebook sometimes.

SLUDGE: Are you married, or do you have a boyfriend? And if so, what does he think about you going on the road with Motley Crue?

Allison Kyler: No I don’t. I’m single.

SLUDGE: Really? What about the other girl, Annalisia?

Allison Kyler: She’s single, too. We’re both single.

The new Nasty Habits?

SLUDGE: Ever hook up with Vince Neil?

Allison Kyler: No, we just make out on stage.

SLUDGE: Both girls or just you?

Allison Kyler: Just me. Lucky me. In Las Vegas, during one of the Hard Rock concerts, we had a little fake ceremony on stage and made pretend we got married. Someone yelled out to him: “I hope you got a prenup.”

SLUDGE: Is he a good kisser?

Allison Kyler: Definitely. He’s had enough practice (laughs)

SLUDGE: You must be pretty athletic. You must be in good shape.

Allison Kyler: You definitely have to be in shape, especially when we’re playing one of those outdoor amphitheatres where it’s 110 degrees.

SLUDGE: Do you get as sweaty as Tommy Lee?

Allison Kyler: I don’t think so. He works the hardest.

SLUDGE: Yeah, he hits hard, too.

Allison Kyler: From the beginning of the start of the show, all the way through, he’s not just drumming. He’s got his headset on, he’s singing back up and talking to people. I’m like, fuck an A, how do you all that?

SLUDGE: He must be zonked afterwards. What does Tommy Lee do immediately after a show?

Allison Kyler: He’s not zonked at all. He has a DJ set up and does DJing for hours. That’s his thing.

SLUDGE: Tell me more. What’s Nikki Sixx’s favorite food?

Allison Kyler: I don’t know, but Mick Mars loves Starbucks.

SLUDGE: The blended drinks?

Allison Kyler: I think maybe the blended drinks, but hot coffee I think. He likes Splenda.

SLUDGE: Splenda? Really? That’s interesting, he is so trim.

Allison Kyler: Yeah.

SLUDGE: So I’m assuming Motley is not your first gig. You’ve probably worked hard to get to this point, right?

Allison Kyler: Yes, yes. I’ve been dancing professionally for 10 years. A lot of bands, but mostly pop artists.

SLUDGE: Who were the biggest names?

Allison Kyler: Christina Aguilera, Fergie.

SLUDGE: And you do more than dance. You sing backup in Motley, too.

Allison Kyler: That’s right.

SLUDGE: It must be hard to be heard over those backing tapes.

Allison Kyler: (laughs) You’re too funny.

SLUDGE: What are some of your favorite songs?

Allison Kyler: Oh man, I love “Wildside” and “Dr. Feelgood.”

SLUDGE: Yeah, “Wildside” is a good one because there is a lot of backup singing.

Allison Kyler: Yeah, plus it’s usually the first song, so the audience is excited, and I’m so fuckin’ amped.

SLUDGE: What’s the one Motley Crue song that really impresses you the most, the one where you look out of the corner of your eye and go, “Wow this is a really great song.”

Allison Kyler: Well, in Las Vegas, we had never performed “Livewire” until then, and it was amazing.

SLUDGE: Yeah, I love the old songs. That’s an old one. So you have inside information, are they busting out any other old songs or anything different for the new tour?

Allison Kyler: I have no idea. I haven’t seen the set list, and I wouldn’t tell you anyways!

SLUDGE: Well what CAN you tell us?

Allison Kyler: Well, I know they’ve been in the studio so maybe a new song.

SLUDGE: Oh we have news here. What’s the title of the new song?

Allison Kyler: I don’t know (laughs)

SLUDGE: If you did know, would you tell us?

Allison Kyler: No, of course not!

Fans can add Allison on Twitter

Check out Allison Shakin’ her $$$ maker in this video below…


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