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Mick Mars - "It Is Like Old times"
« on: March 28, 2012, 10:44:50 AM »

Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars was recently interviewed by Martell at  Martell spoke with Mick about Motley’s summer tour in Europe and their upcoming tour with KISS.

Below are some excerpt's from the interview.

Martell: The big announcement right now is two of the biggest rock bands in the world taking the stage together.  Motley and KISS together – you must be pretty excited about it.

Mick:  Oh yeah, yeah.  We played with them once, more than one time but on a short tour with them, and it was crazy then.  And it’s going to be way over the top this time.

Martell: Are some of the elements from the Vegas shows going to be in there?

Mick: We haven’t really discussed everything.  I know that Tommy will most likely have the 360 with him, but as far as the theme and what we’re going to have we really have yet to work on that.  We’re just getting ready for our Europe tour, then we come back and hit the road with KISS, so we have to think of two things at once.  Production’s going to be different in Europe than here so it’s like doing two at once.

Martell: We’re all talking of Nikki’s mention of you guys in the studio.  How’s it going?

Mick:  Great.  Pretty good.  We’re getting some really good stuff out.  We’re coming up with some ideas and stuff.  We’re just running stuff by the guys and seeing what they think.  We’re going to put it in the Motley machine and see what comes out.  That’s how we’ve always done it.

Martell: It must feel like old times for the four of you to get together and record again.

Mick:  Yeah.  It’s really…I can’t even explain it.  It’s just great.  It is like old times, just sitting there bouncing ideas off each other and seeing how it works

Martell: Have you reached a point in your career where that is where you write for the fans more than anything else?

Mick: Yeah.  When you get to a certain point, you grow and you figure out what fans really like.  There’s always been songs like Kick Start and Girls, there’s always songs like that.  And we want to continue doing that.  On those albums though there might be stuff that might not be so good (laughing).  You know, not up to par with Girls or Feelgood.  Becoming more mature with the music and growing as our audience grows, we just don’t limit ourselves by staying at the same level.  It’s hard for me sometimes to explain what I mean.

Read the full interview at

*Note*-  Since this interview was conducted, Nikki Sixx has confirmed that Motley Crue has finished recording and mixing a new song, titled "SEX", which will be released sometime before the summer tour.

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Re: Mick Mars - "It Is Like Old times"
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thanks for posting this  :horns:

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Re: Mick Mars - "It Is Like Old times"
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awesome !
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Re: Mick Mars - "It Is Like Old times"
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Great thread and great new pic of the Crue! but seriously......none of these guys can remember  "the old times"  :laugh:
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